I’m a technology enthusiast and purveyor of all things new and exciting living in Chicago. I grew up in the near southwest suburbs and have been living in the city proper for over a decade.

I spent six years attending UIC earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees and decided that I loved Chicago so much I’d stay downtown and enjoy everything this wonderful city has to offer. At this point I’m not sure whether I could survive too long without easy access to Chicago pizza. That is not to say that my partner and I don’t love to travel though. We’re always looking for an opportunity to practice our Spanish.


My nerdy hobbies include ham radio, 3D printing, board games, and perfecting my home theater. My less-nerdy hobbies include camping/backpacking, riding my motorcycle, cross-country road trips, and boating.

We spend most weekends in the summer relaxing on our boat and taking in the beautiful skyline view from Lake Michigan. I’ve been operating all manner of personal watercraft since before I was old enough to reach the pedals in most cars, and I’ve built up quite the passion for enjoying a good time on the water with friends.