Project Experience

Helm Deployment Refactor

August 2022

Assessed requirements and authored a custom CircleCI orb to manage the automated packaging and release of Helm charts from code repositories using Flux. Migrated legacy git workflow to a trunk-based model to allow for automated testing of PRs in lower environments and control promotion to production. Added automated verification of successful deployments by querying the Kubernetes API for status and providing feedback to the pipeline.

Terraform Bootstrapping

March 2022

Provided leadership on a small team of engineers to develop a fully automated process to generate ready-to-use Terraform code repositories. Integrated with GitHub Actions to automatically provision GCP Service Accounts configured to use Workload Identity Federation for maximum security. Used templating to allow for one-step provisioning of Terraform repositories for onboarding customers.

Internal Hosting Stack

November 2020

Worked with the development team to plan and build a new internal hosting platform utilizing Docker Swarm. Developed Ansible playbooks to orchestrate deployment of the platform virtual servers (Docker, Logstash, MySQL, HAProxy) as well as orchestrate the CI/CD process for deploying new application code to test and eventually to production.

Staff Cross-training

May 2020

Designed and implemented a training program to prevent single sources of knowledge and siloing of information within the team. Worked with subject matter experts to foster a culture of cross-training and knowledge sharing among team members.

Network Configuration Automation

Feb 2020

Worked with network engineers to develop an automated process via Ansible for configuring customer network interfaces and security filters. Created a Jinja template for JunOS network device configuration and a playbook to control workflow for deployment to network devices. Developed user documentation and trained network team on playbook usage.

Custom Ansible Modules

Sep 2019

Developed custom Ansible modules comprising over 2,000 lines of Python code to interface with a vendor REST API and configure SaaS-based monitoring of internal servers. Added logic in module to ensure idempotence for Ansible playbook runs and display meaningful diff/dry-run output for internal change control vetting.

Management Network Refactor

Feb 2018

Developed a plan for backend management network design including device naming standards, multi-site firewall policies, and credential storage. Managed a year-long project to migrate hundreds of legacy systems from various naming and documentation standards to new systems. Leveraged custom scripting to allow for a simultaneous cutover of all devices to new standards without affecting in-progress projects and orders.

Helpdesk Process Automation

Feb 2017

Authored a custom PowerShell module to interface with helpdesk software REST API and deployed using Git version control. Wrote scripts utilizing the module to implement helpdesk business logic on incoming requests and generate custom reporting for executive dashboards.

Citrix/Wyse Migration

Jun 2016

Migrated two legacy XenApp 6/6.5 farms consisting of 30+ virtual machines hosting 20+ applications to a new XenApp 7.6 farm. Deployed a new Wyse Device Manager server to support the upgrade and/or replacement of 60+ Wyse terminals running user applications.

SAN Migration

Jun 2013

Evaluated vendor offerings for a new SAN and successfully migrated virtual infrastructure consisting of over 30 virtual machines to the new storage with minimal downtime, increasing redundancy and reliability.

T1 PRI to VoIP PBX Migration

Feb 2013

Migrated 60 user phone system to a new VoIP PBX and transferred existing telephone service from a T1 PRI to VoIP. Designed and implemented network for VoIP traffic, including QoS.

Office Network Redesign

Mar 2012

Designed and implemented a new router and switch architecture to increase network reliability and throughput. Migrated from a flat network to 802.1Q VLANs using stacked switches for high availability. Also implemented 802.1x certificate based authentication and the necessary public key infrastructure for end-points to increase network security and prevent unauthorized access.

vCenter Implementation and P2V of existing servers

Nov 2011

Implemented vCenter with shared storage and high availability. Migrated several critical services to the new virtual infrastructure, including MSSQL, Active Directory, and Exchange.